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Sep 7, 2017


This month's episode introduces "Acting on the Corporate Stage." That phrase was Tom's original branding phrase, before "The Look & Sound of Leadership" became his branding phrase.

"Acting on the Corporate Stage" aims at helping you be perceived in the workplace the way you want to be perceived, which, of course, is the reason d'etre of every episode.

Also this month, Tom shares reflections on attending his first-ever podcaster's convention. And his reflections are all about YOU!

He also points you to two very different interviews on other podcasts:

The Everyday Innovator with Chad McAllister, episode 137. He and Chad deconstruct the "Sorting & Labeling" tool. Very helpful!

Fatherhood 360 with David Wissore, episode 11. While exploring how parenthood influences leadership, Tom reveals some very personal stories.

The four related episodes this month are:
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Creating New Behaviors
Self-Awareness and Self-Management
The Mindful Executive

The archive of Executive Coaching Tips is at: