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Jan 14, 2021

This month’s coaching conversation is between Tom and Courtney, another executive coach. What traits, they wonder, do effective executives share? If rising leaders wanted to reverse engineer what it means to be executives, what would they put in the mix?

The five qualities Tom and Courtney identify are:

Resilience -- get over hurts and setbacks 

Influence – build a natural reserve of strong relationships 

Organization  create lead-time and eliminate fire drills 

Scope – maintain the highest altitude possible; resist the weeds

Speed of Thought – exert alertness and be mentally nimble


At the end of this month’s commentary, Tom lists six books, each one different, but all leading towards personal growth and professional development. They are…

Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

The Confidence Code

Crucial Conversations or Difficult Conversations

EQ Applied

Self-Esteem at Work

The Four Agreements


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All of us here at “The Look & Sound of Leadership” wish you grace in this new year.



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Here’s a link to the first episode of season two of Against The Rules, the podcast by Michael Lewis: Don’t be Good – Be Great.