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Jun 4, 2020

This month’s coaching conversation wrestles with the obstacles that arise when you try listening to people who think out loud – often at great length!

This month’s coaching conversation is wide-ranging. It includes a leader’s story about being buoyed by her team. She and Tom also swap answers to a favorite question of her team’s: “How’re ya coping?” They then explore managing stress through being present and intentional.

Three questions to help you become present:

What am I doing right now?

What feelings am I having right now?

What is happening in my body right now?

Approach these questions with curiosity. Don’t ask with an intention to fix. The intention is just to notice.

You can explore self-management and self-awareness in the archive using the filters:

Managing Yourself

Personal Growth & Self-Development

You can take a deeper dive with these five episodes:

Combating Emotional Hijacks

Connecting Over Video

Inviting Dialogue

Self-Awareness & Self-Management

The Mindful Executive

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Until next month, wishing you health and safety!